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24-Hour Access Studio Space and Equipment

All-inclusive shooting equipment available for your video project! From a Canon 5D, green screen, lights, boom mics, to video and audio editing software on our workstations and HD TV’s for replays, we have everything you need to make it happen!

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Imagination runs rampant in this studio. WFM Services claim to fame is developing the Cool Beans Property. The experience of producing two feature length scripts and a slew of other property's as guns for hire have launched this crew onto the global stage. Makin' Fun Inc. contracted WFM Services to create their first brand called Club Kiddoo. This team is showing no signs of slowing down as they have recently been signed to write and produce Timmy's World.


An extraordinary ability to churn out creative visions. Forty two compelling characters make up The Cool Beans roster along with another twenty five hi-concept environments. Kid Kiddoo and his sister Rhonda, Lucy and Dingo are some other favorites that might be popping up on the tube sometime in the near future. Bombette the SuperJet, Boxey from Sally Sue and a whole host of others have been born from this talented studio nestled among the skyscrapers in the heart of New York City.

CG Modeling

Building your digital dreams into the three dimensional space requires experience and foresight. Let our knowledge guide you through the mine field of costly mistakes.

Animation Production

It's more than physical movement, it's a soul thing. In the animation game either you got it or you don't. Cheap imitations never hold up and can be spotted from a mile away. Original styles bring smiles and we like to think that's worth every penny.

Visual Effects

The 20 top grossing films of all time relied heavily on visual effects. Let's face it, audiences are expecting jaw dropping, eye popping action packed effects not your five and dime smoke and mirror gag. We use the most intensive state of the art software and composting techniques to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Post Production Services

Why fumble on the goal line? Finish your project with the care it deserves. In an effort to streamline our own film production we found that the most economical work flow was to maintain a quality production under one roof. We offer sound design, editing and Stereoscopic (3-D) output.

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What clients are saying

  • "It’s hard to fill a 3,000 seat venue on a small budget so we turned to WFM Services to help create a crowd scene deserving of legendary rock fame." said  Bernard.  "It's amazing what these guys can do on the computer.”

    –Paul Bernard, Producer/1st AD

  • "Working with the WFM team on the visual effect shot in White Irish Drinkers was a pleasure. They present themselves with a high level of professionalism combined with a passion to make the project as great as it possibly can be."–John Gray Director/Producer

  • "Since we found WFM Services we have not had one problem with any of our accounts. Quality and service goes a long way in this business. I'm very gratefull that we have WFM Services in our corner. "–John Martin (New York Screen Printing)

  • "As visual effects become more complicated I believe Pat's expertise in both stunts and VFX will be an asset for any production looking to minimize costs. I will look to hire them on our next production."–Thomas Sullivan (Producer Hysterical Psycho)

Featured work

  • Featured work
    Timmy's World

    WFM Services hired to write and illustrate Children's racing book for Creative Imagery Unlimted, LLC.

  • Featured work

    WFM Services creates 13 WebMD videos for Pheobeworks Productions,Inc.

  • Featured work
    Club Kid'doo

    WFM Services produces 9 minute 3D children's short called Club Kid'doo for Makin Fun, Inc.

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