Who Says Timmy Can't Play?

12 year old Timmy loves to dream big. He wants to be the greatest race car driver ever, just like his father. He has an infectious smile and an even bigger heart. He loves his family, especially his Uncle Renner. He's excited about moving back home to New Hope, so he can make his dreams of racing come true, and all this from the confines of his wheelchair.

Carolina's Promise

WFM Services produced this 90 second spot to kick off the University of South Carolina's fundraising campaign. This CG portrayal of their beloved "Cocky" marks the first major college mascot to be translated into the 3d space in this way.


WFM Services produced this 4 minute 3D animated short for Alpha Toys Inc. that teaches children how to spell. We had a great time bringing life to their colorful characters and their imaginative world.

Club Kid'doo: The Adventure Begins

WFM Services produced this 9 minute 3D animated short from script to screen in 2008 for Makin' Fun, Inc. of Montclair, New Jersey. Join Kid, Rhonda Roo, Lucy and Dingo as they tackle all of the the amazing educational adventures that the outback has to offer.

The Adventures Of Kevin Bonbevin

WFM Services Illustrated this children's book series for Makin' Fun, Inc. of Montclair, New Jersey. 7 year-old Kevin Bonbevin goes to incredible magical worlds through the power of his imagination. Join in on the fun in the beautifully illustrated Sail Away and Fly Away.

Diabetes TV (WebMD)

In 2010 WFM Services produced several medical animations and motion graphics for a series of 13 Type 2 Diabetes videos for PhoebeWorks Productions Inc, as well as providing editing, sound and post production services.